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4on Facebook,Nov 06, 2017

Ordered 6 snacks and small plates, octopus skewers, scallops, Brussel sprouts, crispy pork belly, mushrooms, and I cannot remember the 6th one. Was disappointed they were out of the bone marrow but all were great. Nice atmosphere. Great wine list and dessert drinks.

4on Facebook,Nov 06, 2017

5on Google,Nov 05, 2017

Absolutely love coming here! Great atmosphere and very classy!

5on Facebook,Oct 27, 2017

5on Facebook,Oct 24, 2017

5on Facebook,Oct 23, 2017

We were fortunate enough to stumble upon this place for brunch yesterday. We didn’t know what to expect because it is downstairs and we were looking for an outdoor place because the weather was so wonderful out. With that said, I am glad we tried it. The food was beyond expectations. It was so good that we planned on even going back for dinner the same night. The staff was very friendly and even met the chef and one of the owners. If you are in the area I highly recommend this place and being in medical sales, this is a perfect place to do a dinner or event. Thanks for the hospitality to everyone that we met yesterday.

5on Facebook,Oct 23, 2017

5on Facebook,Oct 23, 2017

Beautiful atmosphere and amazing staff! The food is great and the service is top notch. Highly recommend this establishment.

5on Facebook,Oct 23, 2017

5on Facebook,Oct 16, 2017

4on Trip Advisor,Oct 15, 2017

We had a very relaxing, informal dinner here on a Thursday night in Sep - small group of 6 ladies. Server had good wine and beer recommendations and menu descriptions. We enjoyed the stuffed squash blossoms and fried brussels sprouts. The miso cod was well received and I enjoyed the halibut. Just the right portion size and very tasty. A little pricey.

5on Facebook,Oct 09, 2017

We had a few rounds of cocktails in the lounge area. What a beautiful place. Great music, staff, and vibe.

4on Google,Sep 16, 2017

Good food and atmosphere. A little pricey for what you get.

5on Facebook,Aug 31, 2017

Awesome service! Awesome vibe! Awesome company. And most importantly awesome food and drink!

5on Trip Advisor,Aug 27, 2017

Notably we were here on a tour and only had a smattering of appetizers...but they were very tasty and well prepared...if the rest of the menu is like the appetizers it is sure to be great I can't wait to go back and try the full menu

5on Facebook,Aug 24, 2017

Awesome, eclectic little spot. A must when in Denver.

5on Facebook,Aug 23, 2017

5on Facebook,Aug 22, 2017
Stephen J

5on Facebook,Aug 21, 2017

I just love this place! Thank you Michael and his excellent staff.

5on Facebook,Aug 21, 2017

5on Trip Advisor,Aug 20, 2017

After reading some of the reviews; I thought about going somewhere else for dinner my last night in Denver. I am So very happy that I ignored the slow service comments and went. If you want excellent service, sit at the bar. All of the food (especially the Brussels sprouts) was excellent. The heirloom tomatoes and prosciutto was so fresh and yummy. Don't pass this dining establishment up!

4on Trip Advisor,Aug 20, 2017

We had trouble finding a table for 6 at some of the other restaurants we tried on Larimer St. Milk & Honey had room so we decided to eat there for dinner. We were a little concerned because the restaurant was completely empty--we were the only family sitting inside while other nearby restaurants had half hour waiting lists. We were pleasantly surprised as the food was pretty good! However the prices were pretty expensive for what we got.

5on Google,Aug 10, 2017

5on BirdEye,Aug 03, 2017

You Always serve great food. We love the atmosphere and the staff is wonderful. Amanda is a great bartender and serves great drinks

5on Facebook,Aug 02, 2017
Veronica de la

Phenomenal food and service! Popped in for lunch and can't wait to go back at the weekend for brunch!